Empowering Life Transitions: Coaching Services for Retirees

Encourage2dream Coaching Launches New Service for Retirees

PALMETTO, FL — Retirement can be a major life transition, bringing about a range of emotions, changes in daily habits, and shifts in financial status. To help retirees navigate this stage with purpose and fulfillment, Encourage2dream Coaching is proud to announce a new coaching service specifically tailored to address the needs of retired individuals.

Encourage2dream Coaching offers personalized guidance and transformative coaching to support those seeking positive change and fulfillment in retirement. With a focus on addressing issues such as health and wellness, financial management, loss of identity, and personal development, she’s committed to helping retirees unlock their full potential and achieve their dreams. In keeping pace with the times, the coaching services are available in person and online.

Founded by Wilma Figueroa, a retired Army veteran, author, and course creator, the platform is a significant force for transformation among retirees.. With an illustrious 20-year military career that has shaped her penchant for structure and discipline. From a personal perspective, Wilma understands the challenges that come with this transition. Her role in transforming civilians into soldiers imparted strong leadership skills, resilience, and a deep understanding of how to deal with life’s transitions.

After retiring from the military, these attributes enabled her to navigate the absence of direction and identity, leading her to use her experience to help guide fellow retirees in overcoming challenges and pitfalls she once encountered.”My personal struggle sparked my dedication to drive change. Fueled by the aspiration to steer others away from the same obstacles I once faced, I use my own experiences to empathize with the depth of frustration that comes with feeling lost,” said Wilma.

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As an Executive Director and Certified Coach with the Maxwell Leadership Team, Wilma integrates Maxwell’s resources and teachings into both individual and group coaching sessions, ensuring that every client’s distinctive needs are met. Additionally, as an Executive Director, she offers advanced leadership and professional development programs, encompassing various skills such as speaking, leadership, coaching, sales, workshop facilitation masterclass, group training, as well as leadership assessments.

During individual coaching sessions, Wilma works closely with the client to grasp their specific needs, vision, and goals. Together, they develop a strategic plan to promote clarity and accountability, which are fundamental elements that drive purposeful action towards positive changes.

Group coaching fosters dynamic discussions by facilitating the sharing of individual perspectives among all participants. This exposure to a wider range of viewpoints provides a secure support system and promotes the exposure of leadership qualities, ultimately nurturing confidence and the ability to confront challenges directly.

The company website provides several resources, including a free video teaching John Maxwell’s 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, a link to purchase John Maxwell books, a link to subscribe to the “Guide to Retirement” email series and much more…

As Encourage2dream Coaching embarks on its mission of empowering lives, it invites individuals from all backgrounds to join in the pursuit of their dreams and leverage the unique skills gained through its services for personal and professional success. The company strives to become a trusted partner for retirees seeking positive transformation in their later years.

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