Fabric Protection Company Marks 34 Years of Expansion to Include 200 Service Centers Nationwide

Ultra-Guard Fabric Protection operates service centers in 200 locations across the country. Since 1987, the advanced product has been guarding against UV damage, stains and soil.

Ultra-Guard Fabric Protection and Richard Fleming are pleased to announce that over 34 years in operation, the company has expanded to include 200 service outlets across the United States. The fabric protection company offers country-wide professional furniture and fabric stain protection, including sun and ultraviolet protection and stain removal spray for upholstery, carpeting, rugs and bedding. Ultra-Guard is the premier choice of interior designers for fabric protection and furniture protection, offering the only on-site nanotech stain guard for upholstery and carpets.

The advanced furniture protector formula forms a chemical bond with the fabric ensuring permanent protection against spills, soiling, fading and stains linked to food and beverages, pet stains, blood stains, grass stains, and other stains. Ultra-Guard provides the ultimate in on-site care across the country with furniture protection, stain removal, protection of fabrics, and maintenance cleaning of fine upholstery,  exotic rugs, carpeting, suede and leather. The Stain Free fabric protection spray is also available in a convenient spray bottle size for easy do-it-yourself application. The product of choice by interior designer’s for on-site fabric and furniture protection contains an ultraviolet inhibitor to reduce sun fade on furniture and rugs.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/-pBcQjGLCukAdditional details can be viewed at https://www.ultra-guard.com/

Unlike temporary applications, Stain Free does not contain silicone and will not change the color or feel of the fabric. It is guaranteed for the life of the fabric. Stain Free is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and safe for kids and pets. 

Dick Fleming says, “Our company continues to grow and increase its service areas across the country. We are proud that our customer base increases on a yearly basis and people love our product. Our technicians come to you and apply the product so that you know it is applied properly. If you have just purchased new furniture, carpets or bedding, our product helps to protect your investment against everything from pet issuesl to food stains to fading from the sun’s rays.”

About the Company: 

Ultra-Guard Fabric Protection company has been offering the ultimate product for fabric protection since 1987. The company has expanded its customer base over the years and now has more than 200 service centers. The flagship product protects many of the typical challenges faced by furniture, rugs and curtains.

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