Minneapolis Dark Web Scan Services by Element Technologies to Protect Companies from Financial and Reputational Damage

For more than three decades, Element Technologies has served as a full-service IT outsourcing firm catering to SMBs. Its expertise allows clients to run their businesses efficiently and securely. Services delivered by this service provider include ECM, cloud services, and dark web scans.

According to announcements released by Element Technologies and Jeff Alluri, the Minneapolis dark web scan services provided by this IT outsourcing firm enables businesses, particularly law firms, to secure data and information.

Element Technologies customizes its dark web monitoring services to suit the law firm’s requirements. Factors that influence the extent of risk include the number of employees, the types of platforms for information storage, and existing security policies.

Dark web monitoring executed by experts from this firm unearths and tracks personal information available on the internet. Such information is not easily accessible through traditional means. Searching for sensitive information on the dark web requires a unique skill set because hackers and intruders mask IP addresses. The dark web operates anonymously, and breaking into data vaults requires more than just the right tools. It demands an understanding of how this aspect of the internet works, the risks of being found out, and the appropriate steps to prevent further damage.

The business offers a free dark web scan as the first step toward robust cybersecurity. The scans are reviewed by the security team and not just performed via automation. Dark web monitoring can reveal passwords available for sale, identify the location, type, and cause of a breach, identify the involved parties that may include employees, unearth disused email addresses containing old, compromised information., etc.

There are hundreds of thousands of websites on the dark web. Without professional help, SMBs cannot hope to track compromised passwords, social security numbers, passport details, email IDs, bank account numbers, phone numbers, and more. Element Technologies saves its clients from losing reputation, money, and business because of security breaches.

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Jeff Alluri of Element Technologies said, “If there is one place where cybersecurity is required, apart from government institutions, where confidential information is stored, it is in a law firm. Personal data, testimonials, official documents, or clients’ banking information are some of the most coveted items and vulnerable to a cyberattack.

Security depends on expert hands. Therefore, the first step is to hire an IT team’s services to install an adequate system and monitor the possible threats that may arise. IT specialists are the only competent professionals to keep the information and the law firm’s internal network safe. This long-term investment will prevent risks and support the firm’s reputation and reliability safe.

We conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to identify and quantify the risks to your organization’s information assets. We will identify technical vulnerabilities and determine how best to mitigate those risks to keep your information safe. We use several industry-leading tools and reporting to protect your network and provide security monitoring and remediation. Our quarterly reports outline the health of your organization through proactive threat detection and analysis.”

About the Company:

Element Technologies is an IT outsourcing firm with more than 30 years of experience helping SMBs meet their IT requirements and obligations. It provides clients with quick problem resolutions and thought leadership in planning IT expenditures judiciously and improves their expertise on IT-related matters. 

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