Lavanderia Marks Nearly Three Decades Of Activity In Rio de Janeiro

Dry Wash Lavanderia is a Laundry services provider in activity since 1995, providing well-known and high-quality services in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With nearly 30 years of experience, Dry Wash has amassed an army of satisfied clients and faithful fans who have been using its services for generations,

Rio de Janeiro BR: Dry Wash Lavanderia is pleased to announce that the well-known firm in Brazil has brought high-quality services to customers in Rio de Janeiro for nearly three decades. The excellence of the laundry services is the reason for its success for over twenty years. Each employee has an extraordinary zeal to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

The Lavanderia has a presence in the minds of its customers. The excellence of the professionals is the reason for the company’s success for over twenty years. Each employee has a particular zeal to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Stores frequently consult each other in order to resolve doubts and adapt processes for exceptional cases, always aiming for the best service result.

Dry Wash Lavanderia takes special pride in the development of its employees. The teams are continually trained and improved. The washers, attendants, drivers, and ironers are specialized consultants, guaranteeing customers a superior service tailored to their needs. Stains, various accessories, unique clothes, and different fabrics all pass through the specialized hands of the its employees. The company spares no resources so that they continually excel in the art of treating clothing and delighting customers.

In Brazil in 2020, there are more than 28 million older adults, representing 13% of the population. It is projected to be 26.5% by 2060. This natural movement impacts laws, public regulations, marketing strategies, product ergonomics, and more. Everything and everyone adapts to this growing profile that demands respect, products, and services that meet their expectations.

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In this context, laundries could not be left out. Dry Wash Lavanderia, with a quarter-century of well-provided services, follows this trend closely. It affectionately embraces the new generations, aspiring to achieve a similar award of lofty wisdom—fidelity, commitment, dedication, and history. The counter attendants and delivery boys are exceptionally prepared to serve well.

The Lavanderia has the equipment and knowledge to take care of a variety of cleaning needs skillfully. These include wedding dresses, suits and tailors, party dresses, quilts and duvets, curtains, carpets, leather, suede, and chamois laundry. Other laundry services include bath towels, tablecloths, ski clothing, and sofa cleaning. The team of specialists skillfully provides clothing dyeing and sewing services.

Dry Wash Lavanderia has expanded its services to sanitize, wash, clean, and waterproof sofas, mattresses, armchairs, chairs, and upholstery in general. Through a free and personalized assessment, the company offers a no-obligation quote, where the feasibility of carrying out the service is determined.

The hygienic cleaning services for sofas and mattresses are carried out with the utmost care for the integrity of the pieces being treated and the surrounding area. For waterproofing services, non-flammable products are used, seeking to guarantee the safety of the customer’s family and furniture. The upholstery will be able to enjoy the same quality standard that Dry Wash has offered for its clothes over the last 24 years in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to rugs and curtains, the upholstery also celebrates the presence of the cleaners. More than a matter of aesthetics, the care taken in the cleanliness and sanitation of these items represents additional protection for the family’s health.

There are several store locations to serve the needs of customers better. These include the South Zone, Ocean Garden, Golden Bar, and Bar and Recreation. For each store, information on the website displays the neighborhoods where collection and delivery service is available.

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