Translation Services in Over 150 Languages Delivered on Time

Espresso Translations provides affordably-priced worldwide language translation services in more than 150 languages. The work is delivered on time with guaranteed quality. 

New York, NY: Espresso Translations and Nicola Jane Leiper are pleased to announce that the agency now offers fast and affordable translation services in more than 150 languages from around the globe. Espresso can have a quote for document translation services in 60 minutes or less. The world’s leading companies trust Espresso for their translation needs. Espresso Translations is a rapidly growing, leading ISO-certified translation firm providing a vast array of professional language solutions to businesses and individuals worldwide. The agency delivers reliable, accurate, and affordable translations on time, every time, with an added personal touch.

The company was founded in 2011 by Danilo and Niki, who worked together to complete Italian-English translations. Initially, Espresso Translations focused only on the Italian-English pair. Due to increasing interest in translations into other languages, the two translators began building a network of native-speaker translators covering a broad range of languages.

The network of translators and the demand for service continued to grow. In 2012, they formed a translation service provider. Six years later, the translation agency became ISO 17100:2015 certified for translation quality standards. Although the business today comprises a translator network of more than 2000 translators in more than 150 language pairs. The company founders, Danilo and Niki, still work in tandem to complete Italian-English translations.

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Founder Niki Leiper explained, “When we first started, it didn’t occur to us that we would expand to become a global translation service provider. I think the fact that we have worked, and still work, as translators personally gives us an edge over competitors. We understand our clients and also the translators that are part of our network. We are able to look at a document and instantly understand more or less how much time and effort is needed. We strive to deliver accurate translations on time, every time. Client satisfaction is at the heart of Espresso language agency; if clients are happy, then we’re happy.”

Although many of the other translation agencies focus on larger corporate clients, Espresso recognizes that without the smaller customers, the agency would not have been able to grow to the level they are today. The translation agency New York office maintains affordable prices to continue to serve both ends of the client spectrum.

Customer satisfaction is at the very center of NYC translation services. The promise to all clients is that the rates are affordable and there are never any hidden costs. The translation process is designed to be as simple as possible. Each client is assigned to a dedicated Project Manager who will identify the translator best suited to the project requirements. The languages that are included in the network are categorized as African, European, American, and Asian languages. Because of the extensive language knowledge, Espresso can provide translation into the common languages, as well as those that are less common.

Some of the world’s biggest brands use the services of the trusted translators. These include the BBC, Amazon, Forbes, and National Geographic. The industries served include medical, legal, business, financial, marketing, technology, mobile apps, gaming, and software localization. The agency translates books, editorials, and academic documents. Experienced and experienced translators strive to produce word-perfect documents that fulfill the needs of customers across a range of industries. A second native translator with experience in the field proofreads legal documents at no extra cost.

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