Newly Launched Site Emerges as the Destination for Innovative Design and Creative Branding

TL Design Co. is a trusted name in creative design and branding, custom-designed graphic design packages.

PERTH, Western Australia — The launch of heralds a new chapter in the creative journey of TL Design Co., offering audiences a gateway to an unparalleled world of design excellence. With its sleek interface and intuitive navigation, the site is a testament to its unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity in brand and design.

Spearheaded by Perth-based freelance graphic designer and art director Taryn Langlois, this design powerhouse has carved a niche, captivating audiences with its seamless fusion of aesthetics and purpose. As TL Design Co. launches its new site, the spotlight shines brightly on Langlois and her profound impact on the creative landscape. Showcasing her latest projects and offering insights into emerging trends, the visionary founder and creative designer is poised to become an inspiration to the graphic design industry.

With a career steeped in design from an early age, Taryn Langlois is a luminary whose journey embodies the essence of artistic evolution, best described as creative and intelligent design. Fuelled by a passion for innovation, she embarked on an odyssey, honing her skills and expertise across various disciplines over 22 years of working with creative companies, production houses, digital agencies, design studios, and businesses. Today, Langlois leverages her vast experience to infuse style and depth into projects ranging from graphic and web design to product packaging and ads.

In an industry saturated with common and overused design concepts, TL Design Co. distinguishes itself as a beacon of originality and excellence under the guidance of Taryn Langlois. With her personable and professional approach and extreme attention to detail, TL Design Co. consistently delivers exceptional customer service, making the agency the preferred choice for branding and design solutions among top companies in Australia.

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Langlois’ expertise covers a range of disciplines, including branding, logo design, graphic design, web design, product packaging, and more. Her experience working with various industries helps her craft ideas that resonate with clients and their customer base, whether in developing websites, launching a new consumer product, preparing collaterals for a marketing campaign, ads, and signages, or even materials for annual reports and tenders.

Branding is among Langlois’ core specialisations and an area where she showcases her versatility. A well-designed brand appeals to the target audience, contributes to better customer engagement, and improves the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of marketing campaigns. Internally, it enhances the brand story, creating a more unified organisation that attracts talent and capital.

“Your brand is how people get to know you. It communicates your personality and values, allowing your audience to form the emotional attachments that keep them coming back to your business.” said Langlois.

As the launch of captivates audiences with its innovation and sophistication, it is a testament to Langlois’ love for creative challenges and enduring legacy. With each project, TL Design Co. continues redefining contemporary design’s contours, leaving an indelible imprint on the creative landscape for future generations.

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