Sell Fire Damaged House Texas Offers Cash For Properties As-Is

Austin, TX-based home buyers provide options for selling a fire-damaged home. Cash buyers remove the hassle from a house affected by fire, smoke, and water.

Austin, TX: Sell Fire Damaged House Texas and Mike McCathy are pleased to announce that house owners who have suffered the effects of a house fire have options to address the financial, emotional, and other devastation.

The company Sell Fire Damaged House Texas describes one of the ways property owners can move on with life in the aftermath of a structure fire. As house buyers, the Austin company purchases fire-damaged homes as-is in Texas for cash. The seller is not obligated for repairs and does not pay Realtor fees—the buyers take care of that.

The dedicated team has helped hundreds of homeowners for over a decade. Our goal has been to help people with fire damage to their houses sell their property promptly. The buyers work with owners to provide a fair cash offer that is hassle-free. The buyers’ team is recognized for its assistance in helping property owners sell their property more easily and quickly than when compared to working with real estate agents. The buyers aim to exceed clients’ expectations with efficiency and professionalism. The offer varies according to the costs associated with repairs or restoration but is fair and fast.

Sellers do not need to worry about repair costs or fees to bring the house up to the standards of real estate agents and traditional property buyers. The seller can receive cash quickly and move on with their life.

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Using a real estate agent often means extended timelines and covering the cost of repairs, inspections, and commissions, all of which reduce the final cash-in-pocket total. These costs are part of the selling price for every property sold using traditional business models. The Austin buyers purchase the house in as-is condition and take on all the details and costs to bring the damaged house up to expected market condition. The trusted brand can also help sellers facing foreclosure, an unexpected move, or an inherited property.

A brief comparison of selling a fire-damaged house in Texas and selling the same property using a real estate agent demonstrates the benefits of the non-traditional approach. Dealing with a real estate agent requires the seller to make repairs to bring the house to current market standards. The seller usually pays for inspections, which add time and costs. The agent will implement open houses and showings to interested buyers. An appraisal tends to come back lower than the market price and asked price, so the price of the sale is dropped. Realtors typically receive six percent of the sales price as a commission, and the closing costs assessed on the seller can be high. Closing time, on average, is up to three months.

The fire-damaged house is sold as-is, without repairs. There are no open houses, staging, showings, or formal inspections. The seller doesn’t need to agree to appraisal or financing contingencies. There is no commission and no Realtor fees. The buyers pay all closing costs, and closing can occur as early as 7 to 28 days. The information required to begin the process includes the ideal timeline, the house’s current condition, when the property was purchased, and why the owners are looking to sell. Skip the headaches and extended timelines and walk away from the damaged property with more cash.

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