Tattoo Removal Edmonton Medical Rejuvenation Team Offers Reduced Price For October

For October 2023, Encore Medical Rejuvenation in Edmonton, Alberta, is offering 25% Off Tattoo Removal. Using the PicoSure® laser can remove tattoos in fewer sessions than other lasers.

Edmonton, AB: Encore Medical Rejuvenation is pleased to announce a promotional offer for men and women looking for a fresh start with laser tattoo removal Edmonton sessions during the month of October 2023. The highly trained and experienced team uses the top-rated PicoSure® laser technology to remove unwanted tattoos. PicoSure® lasers are described as the Ferrari of all tattoo removal equipment.

The patented technology shatters the ink pigment into tiny particles, so fewer treatments are required to see results. Removal of tattoos is one of the most requested procedures at Encore Medical Rejuvenation. In the past, not much could be done about unwanted tattoos, but today, treatments are available to make tattooed skin clear again.

PicoSure® laser treatments are designed to target and destroy tattoo pigment using different laser wavelengths. The wavelengths break up the tattoo ink into minute particles so the body’s immune system can remove the ink from the area in one of two ways. Most commonly, the ink is absorbed and flushed from the body using the immune system. Less frequently, the ink is forced out of the pores. The treated area usually appears lighter in color almost immediately, followed by a darker appearance as treatments continue. Most tattoos need from three to eight sessions to obliterate the ink.

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Although each person reacts somewhat differently to the tattoo removal procedure, some variables include the pain level and the number of sessions required to remove the tattoo. The removal process is not unbearable but tolerable, particularly when compared to the pain of obtaining the tattoo in the first place. The level of discomfort for the procedure depends on the location of the tattoo being removed and the tolerance of the person getting the laser treatment. The PicoSure laser treats and targets more colors on more skin types than any other tattoo removal method today in fewer sessions than a traditional laser. It is considered the gold standard of tattoo removal.

Fatty areas are not usually as painful as bony regions of the body. The discomfort has been compared to the pain of sunburn to as uncomfortable as obtaining the tattoo initially. Most sessions require from one to five minutes to complete. The size of the tattoo matters, usually taking about as long to remove it as would be needed to cover it with a marker.

In the past, the only option to remove a tattoo was surgery. The painful incision damaged the surrounding skin. This method is only sometimes used today. Another option was to find a way to cover up an original tattoo with another in the exact location. Removing the original tattoo is preferred, but the latest technology is less time-consuming and more effective. Not all lasers are created equally. Older versions are affected by skin tones, notably darker skin tones. PicoSure is different since it works on almost all tattoo colors, regardless of skin tone, and in fewer sessions.

Preparation for the procedure involves staying out of the sun to avoid further damage to the skin. Following the process, some people experience blisters, redness, slight swelling, and itching. It is imperative not to scratch the treated area as this can increase the chances of scarring. Additionally, please do not submerge the area in water while it is healing. Any swelling and redness should subside dramatically within two weeks, but it is not recommended to continue treatments until directed. The skin needs time to recover to make the procedure as effective as possible.

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