The Business Catalyst: Rediscovering the Essence of Faith Through God-Centered Business Practices

The Business Catalyst: Rediscovering the Essence of Faith Through God-Centered Business Practices

Organized by the business coaching company Integro, Business Catalyst guides business leaders and entrepreneurs to running vibrant and thriving businesses built on Biblical principles.

LANCASTER, Pennsylvania — Life in the business world can be ruthlessly competitive. It’s common to see those attempting to rise to the top tear others down, cut corners unethically, and hustle their way up the ranks, placing their focus on the self rather than tuning into the larger mission of the company.

The heart of Business Catalyst is to reverse this vicious cycle from a Christian perspective. Organized by the business development company Integro, Business Catalyst is a yearly business seminar designed to re-energize business leaders and entrepreneurs in Lancaster, PA, and to help each company fulfill its God-given role.

Business Catalyst addresses the concept of ethical decision-making in business development. Facilitated by incredible speakers, attendees are encouraged to analyze scenarios through the lens of Christian ethics, engaging in case studies and interactive discussions while building connections with other business owners.

According to CEO and executive business coach Dan Lapp, the seminar’s objective is to equip them with a moral compass that helps guide their decisions when faced with challenges and dilemmas. By intertwining business scenarios with biblical principles, participants gained a deeper understanding of the ethical considerations that should underpin their professional conduct.

“Business Catalyst is a place where company leaders can come and discover how to create and lead a vibrant and thriving company built on Biblical principles. The principles are timeless and our coaches will help each person create his business plans and then trust God to direct his path—with the knowledge that God’s economy differs from that of man’s, attendees will be inspired to give back, work together, and empower front-line workers in the Kingdom of God, using business success to reach the lost,” said Lapp.

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Business Catalyst provides attendees with the tools for their personal and organizational growth, inspiring them with clarity and insight into the larger vision God has for their organization and helping them build actionable plans for creating a healthy organization. Over the two days of practical, interactive learning and round table discussions, attendees have the opportunity to form valuable business connections and interact with today’s top business leaders.

The foundation of Integro’s Business Catalyst seminar rested on the belief that ethical business practices and Christian principles can coexist. The seminar provides a distinctive approach to leadership and entrepreneurship that sheds light on the integration of faith and business strategies, aiming to empower participants with ethical and spiritually grounded principles to navigate the complexities of the corporate world. It is a replication of what God does in the world and each individual has a role to play in encouraging others to follow God’s way of doing business.

“I highly recommend Business Catalyst for anyone who wishes to grow in their leadership and fully integrate their faith into their work, helping them expand their approach to running an excellent Christian-centered business.” said keynote speaker Peter Greer, CEO of HOPE International.

The aim is to inspire a new generation of leaders who can navigate the competitive business landscape while upholding values rooted in Christian teachings. With Business Catalyst, Integro has carved a niche in the coaching industry, curating an event that seamlessly blends two seemingly disparate domains with the objective of not only imparting business acumen but also instilling a sense of moral responsibility and integrity in the pursuit of success, guided by key Biblical principles to create and nurture a thriving company.

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