Tips On How To Speed Up A Delayed Immigration Application To Canada

Smith Immigration Law has published a new blog post on the topic of accelerating immigration applications that have been delayed. The website content provides reasons for delays and steps that can be taken to improve the processing time.

Toronto, ON: Adrienne Smith, the founder of Smith Immigration Law, is pleased to announce the publication of a blog article on ‘How to Speed Up a Delayed Immigration Application to Canada,’

Anyone waiting for the status of an immigration application is likely to find some helpful tips. The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) has been subject to many immigration applications awaiting processing. Still, there are some delays because of a lack of capacity on the part of the department. The agency has implemented several improvements recently to assist in managing delays. For example, there are improved application trackers to notify applicants about the timeline. The IRCC website also posts information about the average processing time for immigration applications.

Some of the delays are due to errors on the applicant’s part. Applications may be delayed if an applicant does not provide all the required information, uses an outdated form, or needs signatures or other information. The legal team at Smith Immigration Law has the knowledge and experience to determine if the applicant might be eligible for a mandamus. It is essential to learn whether the IRCC has a complete application and that the information needed to make a final decision is included in the file.

Whether an application is appropriate for a mandamus requires a review of the facts of each case. Smith Immigration Law can look at the facts of the case to determine whether the application is appropriate for a mandamus proceeding. In some instances, the process may be resolved early and avoid the need to attend a Federal Court hearing.

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The LGBTQ immigration lawyer in Toronto has also provided some suggestions for immigrants needing protection for refugee claims based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. Claims of this type can present unique challenges since refugees may not have documents to prove sexual orientation and gender identity. The website content offers some tips to apply to claims in this area. In general terms, refugees should know the terminology, focus on the applicant’s identity, and gather evidence to help verify that identity. Letters of support from family/friends/partners can be used as evidence to support a SOGIESC or SOGIE claim ( Sexual Orientation, Gender Identities and Expressions and Sex Characteristics).

It is crucial to establish credibility as a witness during the refugee hearing. Claimants should be prepared to address any inconsistent information regarding sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. For example, refugees who have identified with a different sexual orientation or gender expression and had a relationship that reflected this should explain and support the changes. At every stage of the process, the applicant’s identity is respected through preferred pronouns, chosen names, and sexual orientation.

The Toronto-based legal firm provides immigration services for clients across several practice areas. These include LGBTQ, colleges and universities, Canadian businesses, permanent Canadian residency, medical and criminal issues, removal and deportation, study, work, or visit Canada, appealing an immigration decision, sponsoring a family member, and becoming a Canadian citizen. Consultation with the Smith Immigration Group attorneys helps identify strategies and processes for questions about these and other immigration and refugee status.

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