Union County, NJ Electrician Offers Electric Car Charger Installation

Setting up a home electric car charger is a fundamental step in the journey to a greener auto experience. The professionals fully understand this new home implementation, the link between the automobile and home, and how to ensure the safety of the family when using the electric charger.

Cranford, NJ: First Class Electric is pleased to announce that the Union County, NJ electrician has the knowledge and equipment to install electric car chargers for residential customers. Setting the customer’s home up with an electric car charger is a fundamental step in the journey to a more eco-friendly auto experience. It is crucial to handle the installation with the utmost care. The professionals understand this new feature in the home and the benefits of recharging electric vehicles from the home base. It is vital to ensure the safety of the installation and the use of the equipment.

Because the technology is relatively new, any installation firm needs to provide protective measures that fully ensure the safety of the customer. First Class Electric gives a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The electricians come prepared on-site to handle every part of the complex installation. Homeowners will not have to deal with the problems that can come with cutting-edge technology like a home electric car charger. As there are more electric or hybrid cars in operation, upgrading the home with an electric car charger will mean helping the customer go green and save money with an electric car charger in the home.

Additional details are available at https://www.firstclasselectricnj.com/

First Class Electric was established in 2007. Located in Cranford, NJ, it serves its home county, Union County, NJ, as well as other counties throughout Central New Jersey, like Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Morris County, and Somerset County, NJ. All of its work has 100% satisfaction guaranteed and comes with a lifetime warranty on labor. About 70% of the company’s business comes from repeat customers, demonstrating the high level of quality of services provided. First Class Electric is here to help home and business owners with all electrical needs. Licensed electricians will make homes and businesses more comfortable, safer, and brighter.

A spokesperson for the company says, “Our continued success is thanks to our carefully selected electricians. Our team has the knowledge and skills to solve any electrical issue or complete any electrical installation. We are licensed, insured, and bonded, and our work comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty on labor. We are dedicated to answering questions, issues, or concerns of our customers regarding the project. The electricians and customer service team will provide answers on-site or by phone. We will resolve any obstacle that may arise.”

The licensed electricians provide an expansive array of services to customers throughout the service area. These include service changes and upgrades, transfer switches, smoke detectors, standby generators, attic and whole house fans, ceiling fans, wiring, Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI), lighting installation, electrical panel installations and upgrades, and many more. For safety purposes, calling on the services of trained and licensed electricians for these and other projects is essential. The company responds to emergencies, as well as scheduled upgrades or maintenance.

The size of the project doesn’t matter; the electricians have the necessary tools and equipment to do everything from changing light bulbs in a high-ceiling room to restoring power to the home or business in the aftermath of downed electrical wires due to a storm. The team of licensed and bonded professionals serves homes and businesses throughout Central New Jersey. Customers can be assured of the expertise that the electricians bring to each project they undertake.

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