Tree Trimming Pomona CA Firm Brings 32 Years Of Experience To Clients

A & J Tree Service has offered complete tree trimming and removal services using modern equipment throughout Pomona and the surrounding areas since 1992. The company has a certified arborist on staff.

Pomona, CA: A & J Tree Service is proud to announce that the firm has reached a milestone of 32 years in operation. The well-respected tree service company was launched in 1992 and provides complete A & J Tree Service services, using the most state-of-the-art equipment and methods. The company has a certified arborist on staff. It is fully insured and bonded, so employees and customers are assured of safety for people and possessions. Tree trimming is a service that is useful for aesthetic reasons as well as for the health and strength of the tree. Trimming trees can also improve visibility in some areas.

Proper trimming can help improve tree structure, prevent disease spread, manage tree growth, and remove dead branches. Correct tree trimming in fruit trees can help to increase fruit production. Trimming can also help thin trees that have grown too close together. Trees need sunlight and nutrition to thrive. When the grove becomes too thick, the trees may not get the necessary sunlight and root spread. Trimming trees can also control debris that can be dropped from trees.

Trees that have become damaged, ill, or must be removed for construction projects are handled by the company. Tree removal is conducted by a team of climbers trained to work safely, quickly, and efficiently. A & J Tree Services recommends tree removal when home or business owners renovate the landscape; the tree is damaging the owners’ property or that of their neighbors, or the tree is leaning or infested.

A tree that is threatening power lines can become a hazard. It may need to be removed by one of the certified arborists. Safety is also threatened if the tree grows too close to a house or building. It could cause damage to foundations or other fixtures on the property. High winds can cause damage to trees, including a complete blow-down, root failure, or stem failure.

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A & J Tree Service handles all tree services, regardless of the condition. Emergency tree removal, uprooting, transferring or relocating, and inspections by a certified arborist are available, even in emergencies. Trees in restricted areas may grow and press against windows, walls, and foundations. Cutting them may not address the problem, as the root system will keep expanding. Tree removal with expert help may be the ideal way to deal with the situation.

When trees are deliberately removed or destroyed in a storm, often the stump remains. Some customers work with the company to eliminate unsightly or diseased stumps and stump roots. A tree stump can be eliminated by grinding or removal. The method is determined by the tree size and extent of its root systems.

The onsite arborist is an expert in the care of trees. They are professionals who study, manage, cultivate, and care for trees, shrubs, and other woody plants. An arborist is also known as a tree expert, arboriculturist, or tree surgeon. When the arborist comes to the customer’s property, they can always provide the most accurate and extensive information. A&J also prioritizes customer service, whether the project is to trim, cut, remove, or provide firewood. The knowledgeable and experienced crew members will be happy to discuss options and help the customer decide what services must be provided.

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